Is Michael Brown a Victim or a Criminal?

The video you have just watched is supposedly of Michael Brown stealing cigars from a Ferguson, MO convenience store. This information was released today, August 15th, which is six days since the murder of Michael Brown. Along with Michael Brown being indicated in the robbery of a convenience store, the name of the police officer was finally released. That officer’s name is Darren Wilson.

The police chief describes Darren Wilson as being an excellent officer with no record of misconduct in the six years of his time with the Ferguson police force. The Police chief went on to say that Darren Wilson was unaware that Michael Brown had been fingered as a robbery suspect and that Darren Wilson confronted Michael Brown for blocking the street (they were walking down the middle of the street).

Something that doesn’t quite make sense with all of this information is the timing. Does anyone find it rather odd that the Ferguson Police Department waited six days to tell everyone they view Michael Brown as a criminal instead of a victim? I do. I will submit to everyone reading this that they have ulterior motives behind this release and the timing was no accident.

The pdf file above is the full police report that was released today.On the very first page of the report it lists the items stolen as “1.00 box of Swisher Sweets Cigars.” However, if you notice in the video, it clearly shows the man with the red cap placing the box of swisher sweets back on the counter as well as his friend placing the items on the counter. It then shows the large man picking something up from the floor and then walking out with something.

This shows me that something is awry. The police officer states the person that made the report claims they both had taken items, “Dorian” and “Michael.” But the video tells a different story. At the very least, the person with “Michael” placed the items back on the counter. To add, the police report was written in pieces over the course of several days, yet only twice were different dates entered into the report. I bring this up because it shows that the police report was changed, added to, and fudged due to the murder of Michael Brown by a police officer, which is even pointed out in one of the pages. So, do I think something fishy is going on? Yes. Yes, I do.

police chiefBut, I will go with their version and assume he did steal cigars from the store. Does this make what officer Wilson did to Michael Brown less horrific? Absolutely not. In fact, it makes the whole situation worse. At a time when peace began to blanket the community, the police decide to release ridiculous, and unrelated information about Michael Brown, for what seems to be race-baiting. There was no reason whatsoever to release that information to the public because Darren Wilson didn’t approach Michael Brown because of Brown being suspect — he approached him for walking in the street. The only reason I can see for them to release this information is to 1) assassinate the character of Michael Brown, thus gaining public support, and 2) to incite the people of Ferguson so that they might begin acting out in anger.

Regardless of Michael Brown’s prior issues with law enforcement or with him being an “alleged” criminal, gunning an unarmed man down in the street is never okay. Let’s even go so far as to say Michael Brown did try to grab the gun from officer Wilson. Let’s say he did that. Did Michael Brown take the gun? No. That means that once Michael Brown began moving away from the officer’s vehicle, he was no longer a threat. Yet, officer Wilson continued to shoot him even as he raised his hands and plead with the officer not to shoot. Some witnesses said he even went so far as to put his knees on the ground, yet was still shot. This was nothing more than cold-blooded murder. The officer wanted Michael Brown dead, and that’s exactly what he got. Now he should have to face the consequences of his actions and send a stiff message to all police officers around the country: break the law and you will be treated just like a criminal. That’s how it should be.

What does everyone think? Is Michael Brown a victim? Or is he just another criminal?

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