Former Miss Alabama Feels No Remorse for Officers Slain in Dallas

Kalyn Chapman James was the first African American to be crowned Miss Alabama back in 1993. Today she posted a video to social media explaining that she feels bad for not having any remorse for the officers slain by Micah in Dallas. She claims that she knows it’s wrong to...
Posted On 12 Jul 2016

Is War with China Inevitable?

How would it strike Americans if the US went to war with China over less than 5 miles of land? Answer that, then take this into consideration – imagine that 5 miles of land is broken up between 750 different types of ‘land’ in the middle of the South China sea...
Posted On 28 May 2015

Education isn’t a priority for Governor Walker.

Scott Bauer, a writer for the Associated Press (AP), is reporting that Governor Walker has announced major cuts to Education funding in the state of Wisconsin. According to the article, the cut is nearly 9%, which equates to about $900,000,000. This comes at a bad time, because...

Civil War in Libya?

How Libya's Civil War may be our own if we aren't careful.